Born in Caruaru in 1988, Paulo Higor Nunes is an international photographer. Known as PH Nunes, he grew up in the city of Olinda, in Pernambuco, but currently lives in Recife, Brazil. He began his academic life, in 2005, in the course of Social Communication with qualification in Photography, at AESO Barros de Melo. In 2010 he made his first international trip as a professional photographer, in the MSC Crociere, in Italy, where he was shipped until 2011, returning later to Recife. It was through this experience that PH Nunes started to focus on fashion photography, architecture and social projects.
In Brazil, in 2013, he photographed the exclusive fashion editorial with the model Lucas Coppini (Ford Models) in October of 2013. In December of the same year he was invited to produce the Cover of Due Magazine with the international top model Flávia de Oliveira known celebrity for parading for the Victoria's Secret brand. In April 2014 he was invited to make the photographic coverage of the show "Pernambatuque Baile Moderno" for a Globo TV special. In August of 2014 he photographed the cover of Due magazine and in November the year-end edition of the same magazine. In that same year he produced a fashion editorial for Revista Catarina.
His career began to expand worldwide after shooting the Best Color Cosmetics campaign with Rede Bandeirantes Tatjana Ceratti presenter in 2014. Soon after he covered the program Tops Rede Bandeirantes | Band with Celebrity like Tata Cury, Ricardo Almeida, Dalmau , Monica Monteiro and Max Weber and also from São Paulo Fashion Week. In 2015 she produced two editorials for the Make-up brand Contiene 1g in Fernando de Noronha and for men's makeup. Invited again by Due Magazine, Paulo Higor did the editorial and cover of the magazine of 2015. In May he photographed the campaign of the Pernambucano Fashion and Sustainability Cycle "A-Cor-da-Moda" in partnership with the plastic artist Leopoldo Nóbrega. Finishing the year with one more time cover magazine collaboration.
In the years 2016 and 2017, the photographer from Pernambuco produced several photo-materials for the main communication vehicles of the State, such as Folha de Pernambuco and Jornal do Commercio (Recife). Among the outstanding work is that of the Scottish brand Teacher's. He was invited to Casacor Pernambuco for men's fashion editorial. In the same year (2017) she photographed, in São Paulo, model and singer Carol Celico for CiS Jóias. His images were published in the Diario de Pernambuco to illustrate a story for a jewelry store. Another landmark in the photographic career was the fashion editorial and the cover of a local magazine at the Ricardo Brennand Institute. The cover was the socialite Carla Bensoussan, owner of "Lead!", The production featured clothing and accessories Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada. Socialite Thyane Dantas (wife of Wesley Safadão) and actor Pedro Malta (former child actor of Rede Globo) were photographed in 2017.
The range of PH also involves the culture of the region. He eternalized Mestre Camarão shortly before the death of the accordion. But fashion is always present in your portfolio. In November 2018 he made the exclusive photographic coverage for Vogue Brasil event in Recife. He then embarked for Paris, France, to photograph Brazilian brands Clara Arruda and Sakapraia.
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